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Merry Christmas

Christmas Kids

It's been awhile, and I wanted to write to tell you all that we're still moving forward. And, with the exception of the past week or two, things have been going well. We're sick right now, Auri with the worst of it, in a way almost identical to the illness that sparked her catastrophe last Christmas. For most of this year, a night like tonight would have been unbearable; but in the many months that have passed, we've been permitted more confidence and have cultivated some fortitude. Many of the children in situations similar to Auri's have stayed healthy, happy, and developing. Many, including Auri, struggle with significant disability; but they've demonstrated the ability to improve, slowly, such as one with a brain injury might. There will be limitations to Auri's recovery, but recovery itself would have been impossible if her disease had began even a year or two earlier. So tonight I'm holding my breath, hoping that this illness passes without consequence like the others of 2019. And, I'm hoping for advancements in the coming years. I plan to write a larger update at the start of the new year, but I'll share that we've experienced a breakthrough in the past month or two. Auri has been able to roll to toys and can army crawl short distances. She does this with a lot of difficulty, but she can be persistent. In 2020, I think we'll find out just how much of a difference that can make. Merry Christmas.